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 The City and the Alliances

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PostSubject: The City and the Alliances   Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:58 pm

Fire dawn city is split between a border line only noticed by the alliance members. On one side of the city is Morphilitiss, which is where the Villains go and are held. On the other side is Adelleniss. This is where the Heroes are held and trained.
A large wall separates the actual city from Morphilitiss because it is thought by humans that Morpilitisss is an Asylum. In this case, the government set a military wall between Fire Dawn city and Morphilitiss.
Kids and Teens are normally called out of Fire Dawn High School and are transfered to the Adelleniss Institution.

Mary Alice Lawsynne
Adelle Darolenn
Kenn Taylor Brayden
Haydus Ryann
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The City and the Alliances
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