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 Adelle and Morphilice (The Beginning)

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PostSubject: Adelle and Morphilice (The Beginning)   Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:46 pm

The ancient Fire Dawn Civilization was readied and prepared for its ruling days. It was such a magnificent city. It was so powerful and majestic.
Adelle was one of the two founders. She was good, and kind. Her loving personality was always known.
Morphilice was the other founder of the city. He was very powerful and wicked.
For years these two powerful beings fought each other. They battled in wars against one another, but they were both equally powerful and could not kill one another.
"I have given up, Adelle. You are un-beatable." said Morphilice.
"Yes. You are a great fighter, evil one." Adelle said.
"We cannot both rule this city." Morphilice said. and it was true. Morphilice wished to rule the city as a god, but Adelle wished to let free will take over.
"We must split it then." Adelle said. "I own the west, and you, the east."
"That does sound reasonable." Morphilice thought. "But what to do if my peoples comes across your land, the same for me?"
"We will create a border. Each side of the border holding back a different alliance." She said
"Very well. And maybe our peoples can defeat one another."
"Forever be at war." Adelle said
"And to help my alliance, I shall gift this land. For now, any human born amongst these grounds will be gifted with the powers of the universe to help them in this war." Adelle said.
"And," Morphilice began. "I curse this land so that my alliance may be aided by the dark powers of this world, in hopes of winning our war."
"Forever, let the good reign." Adelle said.
"Forever, let the darkness consume." Morphilice laughed.
"Forever be at war, good and evil"
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Adelle and Morphilice (The Beginning)
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