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 The Hero ( Adelleniss-Dawning Sun Alliance)

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PostSubject: The Hero ( Adelleniss-Dawning Sun Alliance)   Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:58 pm

The Hero is the good character who fights to protect the people. The people of the Dawning Sun Alliance are gifted with supernatural abilities to aid them in war and battle.

People of the Alliance-
People of this alliance have many characteristics that are very common.
-Very abnormal colorful eyes
-Faster than normal
-Stronger than normal
-Never sick
-Very sensitive
-Always making good decisions

The Border-
These people cannot cross the border separating the Dawning Sun Alliance and the Dark Fire Alliance.

People of the Alliance do not try to make their supernatural known to regular humans
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The Hero ( Adelleniss-Dawning Sun Alliance)
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