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 The Advorlae

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PostSubject: The Advorlae   Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:16 pm

The Advorlae are extremely powerful people from both alliances. They are more powerful than the regular alliance members and harness power not commonly found on earth.

The Advorlae Characteristics-
-Often makes sudden outbursts of supernatural attacks
-Often mistakingly uses powers at the wrong time
-Sparkling eyes
-Never at all sick
-Like a normal human

Advorlae Stage-
When an Advorlae is in a Life or death situation, they can go into the Advorlae Stage. In this stage they are extremely powerful, but very vulnerable. Most Advorlaes often die from releasing all that power or they are severely weakened and cannot stop the villain from killing them.
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The Advorlae
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